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Storm Shelters

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Looking for a shelter to keep you and your family safe during a storm?

Look no further than Holt & Sons Construction.

Serving the Paris Area and more.

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Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter


Top-Quality Storm Shelters

Our storm shelters are reinforced with fiber along with steel rebar. To give you the extra protection you need, we use concrete with minimum 6,000 psi. That’s not all; we include the following accessories at no extra cost to you:

  • Double handrail on steps

  • Gas operated door closer

  • 8” wind turbine for ventilation

  • 6” vent

Dimensions: 6'10" x 10' with 6'3" headroom

Capacity: 10-12 people


Storm Shelter
EZ Entry Steps



Our storm shelters come with a 10-year warranty.

We install storm shelters that are designed and constructed with your protection in mind. Call us to learn more. 


New Feature …..

EZ Entry

Same design but the steps are not as steep.

Five steps vs Four steps


Standard 4 Steps VS EZ Entry 5 Steps


Jumbo Slope Front Storm Shelter

Dimensions: 6'10" x 10' with 6'3" headroom

Capacity: 10-12 people

  Small Slope Front Storm Shelter

Dimensions: 6' x 8' with 6'3" headroom

Capacity: 6-8 people