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Holt & Sons Construction provides North East Texas and Southern Oklahoma with Septic System Services, Lawn Irrigation, Sprinkler Systems, Landscape Lighting, Storm Shelters, RV/Camp Sites, and many other services.

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Installation and Repair of Lawn Irrigation Systems

We install and repair sprinkler systems with high-quality materials for any size of the residential or commercial yard.



Let Modern Technology Help You Water Your Lawn

Manufacturers are constantly updating the technology for sprinkler systems. Let us show you up-to-date devices that make lawn irrigation even more efficient, including timers and Wi-Fi controllers that let you run your system from your smartphone.


What is Lawn Irrigation?

Lawn Irrigation/Sprinkler System

Lawn Irrigation/Sprinkler System



Lawn Irrigation /Sprinkler System

Lawn irrigation is a designed watering system in accordance with state regulations that applies water to the landscape to encourage the growth of grasses, plants, and trees. Water conservation and protecting water sources are tenets of lawn irrigation. 

When properly installed and maintained, lawn irrigation systems will enhance the beauty of your lawn, which can increase the value of your home and property as well as save you money, time, and water! Get in touch with us to learn more. 



Important Steps of Installing an Irrigation System

In Texas, a Lawn Irrigation Service requires the irrigator to have a current state-issued license. We strive to stay current with state and local lawn irrigation regulations. When you call for an appointment to discuss installing an irrigation system, we will go through the steps of installing an irrigation system such as: 

  • Gathering site information

  • Check for available water supply from a water source

  • Custom design is developed, and a quote is sent to the customer

  • Service after installation is readily available



Let us get your existing irrigation system up and going. Give us a call @

903-249-2455 if your system needs maintenance, repairs or upgrading. 



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