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Landscape Lighting

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Outdoor Illumination Makes Your Property Safer

Add beauty and safety to your property with landscape lighting. Using quality, top-of-the-line materials to ensure lasting service, Holt & Sons Construction installs outdoor lights for residential and commercial sites.

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Holt & Sons Construction

Landscape Lighting 

Landscape Lighting 



Reliable Heavy-Duty Bronze Fixture Installations

Get heavy-duty bronze fixtures from CAST Lighting for your outdoor illumination. One of the best in the industry, CAST Lighting is a reputable company that creates handcrafted lights in a nice array of shapes and styles that will fit your home decor.

Here at Holt & Sons Construction, we also take the extra steps necessary to highlight your property at its best. Whether that means digging holes or climbing trees, we're up to the task!



Repairs Available for Existing Lighting Systems, Too

If you already have landscape lighting installed but it’s not functioning properly, we can make repairs and upgrade the system. 


Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting


Objectives of Landscape Lighting


Theft and trespassing are major security concerns for homeowners. To address these concerns, most homeowners opt for high-voltage floodlights. However, low-voltage lights that provide low levels of illumination are a better choice. These lights can be strategically distributed around your property. With this type of landscape lighting, you can avoid the problem of glaring light and unlit areas that allow intruders to remain unnoticed. 


Low-voltage lighting is the best choice when you want to make your walkways and entrance ways safer for you and your visitors. 


Proper outdoor lighting makes it possible for you to enjoy your outdoor spaces much longer than you would have been able to otherwise. 


Good landscape lighting not only defines textures, shapes, and structures but also highlights the features and structure of your property. It also evokes a wide range of positive emotional responses and creates moods that are soft, subtle, dynamic or dramatic. 



Our Product Is Here to Last

CAST Lighting is of actual bronze and heavy copper construction. Not of brass or aluminum with an imitation bronze finish. Finishes fade and fail over time. CAST fixtures age gracefully and become more beautiful over time and blend naturally into the landscape.

CAST includes lighting for every need - residential or commercial.


Landscape Lighing

Landscape Lighing


Perimeter Lighting

CAST Perimeter™ Series lighting systems are made of the highest quality materials. The perimeter lighting systems from CAST are moisture and dust resistant and can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40º F to 131º F. CAST LED Perimeter™ lights feature a patented design that provides not only up to 85% in energy savings compared to other systems. 

The safe, low-lighting perimeter lighting systems from CAST provide reliable Dark Sky-compliant illumination directed on and around the fence line where it’s needed. They are fully customizable to any need or terrain and deliver quality lighting on your perimeter while increasing the effectiveness of your CCTV systems.